Films I loved in April 2020

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé as Sophia and Patrick Hivon as Karim in A Brother’s Love

A Brother’s Love is a superb French-Canadian comedy-drama about a directionless woman whose close bond to her brother begins to unravel. The sibling relationship is touching and hilarious, facilitating an affectionate and warm portrayal of a life spiralling into chaos.
Released on SBS On Demand 1 April 2020

Tom Holland voicing Ian Lightfoot and Chris Pratt voicing Barley Lightfoot in Onward.

The new Pixar film Onward delivers a fun and funny adventure in a mythical world where magic has been made obsolete by technology, but at its heart it’s a smart and moving male coming-of-age film about brotherhood, growing up without a father and how boys relate to each other.
Released in Australia digitally 3 April 2020

Armando Espitia as Ernesto and Emma Dib as Cristina in Our Mothers

Our Mothers is a quiet and subtle film that articulates the overwhelming trauma of the mass human rights abuses that occurred during the Guatemalan Civil War, by giving the survivors profound humanity through the telling of their own stories.
Released on Stan 12 April 2020

Fernando Ochoa, Josué Ochao and Juan Ochoa in Midnight Family

The observational documentary Midnight Family follows a family operating one of Mexico City’s many private ambulances. The film’s larger picture is a bleak portrait of a dysfunction healthcare system while the smaller picture concerns the family’s economic hardship and resulting ethical dilemmas.
Released on DocPlay 30 April 2020

Thomas Caldwell, 2020