Films I loved in May 2020

Andrew Luria as Sebastian Ahmed and Hugo Weaving as Dan Fisher in Hearts and Bones

Hearts and Bones explores men coping (or failing to cope) with trauma, and how it affects their loved ones. Following a friendship between an Australian war photographer and a South Sudanese refugee, it is a moving drama about recognising and transcending the pain that shapes lives.
Released in Australia digitally 6 May 2020

Christo in Walking on Water

Walking on Water is an entertaining look into both the chaos and banality of the art world, documenting acclaimed artist Christo realising the large-scale ‘The Floating Piers’. Christo’s volatile assistant and nephew Vladimir Yavachev steals the show with his outbursts and tirades.
Released in Australia digitally 6 May 2020

Rob Brydon as Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan as Steve Coogan in The Trip to Greece

There is more affection than usual between frenemy travel companions Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in The Trip to Greece, making it one of the stronger films in this partly improvised series where very funny impersonations and banter mix with melancholic musings on fame and ageing.
Released in Australia digitally 20 May 2020

Jake Horowitz as Everett and Sierra McCormick as Fay Crocker in The Vast of Night

The Vast of Night is a distinctive slow-burn mood-piece about two teenagers – a DJ and a switchboard operator – investigating a mysterious broadcast. It’s an atmospheric, stylistically bold and emotionally resonate homage to 1950s science-fiction stories and small town communities.
Released on Amazon Prime 29 May 2020

Thomas Caldwell, 2020