Films I loved in March 2020

Mark Ruffalo as Rob Bilott in Dark Waters

The based-on-real-events investigative drama Dark Waters balances the big picture ramifications of the environmental lawsuit it depicts with the immense personal toll it had on attorney Rob Bilott. Its dark, overcast style conveys the murky, deadly world of corporate obscurantism.
Released in Australian cinemas 5 March 2020

Hatidže Muratova in Honeyland

The Macedonian documentary Honeyland begins as an observational portrait of a wild beekeeper, before becoming a captivating metaphor for the tensions between living harmoniously with the land and exploiting it. The human drama captured unobtrusively in this film is incredible.
Released in Australian cinemas 5 March 2020

Laura Gordon as Claire in Undertow

Set against the murky backdrop of football culture, the finely crafted Australian drama Undertow follows a woman who after losing her baby becomes obsessed with a pregnant teenager. It’s a bold and unnerving exploration of grief, sexuality, identity and toxic relationships.
Released in Australian cinemas 5 March 2020

Judy Heumann in Crip Camp

Crip Camp is an excellent US documentary about the origins of a human-rights movement. Beginning with archival footage from 1971 of a camp for teenagers with disabilities, the film charts how sharing stories empowered many of the campers to become leading figures for disability rights.
Released on Netflix 25 March 2020

Thomas Caldwell, 2020