Cinema Autopsy is taking a break

Hi everybody

I’m going to take the next week or so off so there won’t be any updates on Cinema Autopsy until the week beginning Monday 20 April. Check back as one of the things I’m going to post soon is a transcript of a terrific interview I did with Warwick Thornton, the director of the extraordinary Australian film Samson and Delilah.

In the meantime I’ve decided to be completely indulgent and post links to the trailers for a bunch of films coming out over the next 12 months that I’m looking forward to. This is by no means a definitive list, just some clips I stumbled across while wasting time on YouTube one day. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any trailers available yet for John Hillcoat’s The Road as that is one film that I am incredibly excited about. But for now I hope you enjoy wasting some time with the following clips.

The Limits of Control
I adore Jim Jarmusch and this new film just looks so incredibly cool in that way that only he can get away with.

I must confess that this trailer doesn’t really do much for me but it’s got my attention simply by being the new film from Pixar.

Year One
Neither Jack Black nor writer/director Harold Ramis have done anything all that impressive for a while now but I have recently become a huge fan of Michael Cera who can make the most mundane line of dialogue funny.

Public Enemies
This is another trailer that I really wasn’t all that impressed by but it’s a Michael Mann film set in the 1930s staring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and Christian Bale as the man trying to bring him to justice. Honestly, how could the actual film not be good?

Funny People
This potential will be the funniest film of 2009. Writer/director Judd Apatow has already proven how well he works with comedic actors and for this film he’s cast some of the funniest people in the industry. Adam Sandler has done some dodgy films in the past but I always had a soft spot for him. With the right material he can be brilliant (think Punch-Drunk Love). I also like the Australian jokes in this trailer.

Inglourious Basterds
Quentin Tarantino doing what looks like a The Dirty Dozen style World War II film. Am I the only one who felt a shiver run down their spine while watching this trailer?

I really hope that the latest comedy from Mike Judge (Office Space) doesn’t suffer the same fate of virtual obscurity that Idiocracy did. So far Extract only has a USA September release scheduled so fingers crossed that there will be more to come for the rest of the world.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Speaking of uncertain release dates, Terry Gilliam’s latest film has only been picked up by a handful of European countries, albeit the types of European countries that are more receptive to his style of filmmaking. Let’s hope that more distributors will pick it up soon and let’s hope that this will be a return to form for Gilliam. It will also be Heath Ledger’s final film.

I know that this teaser trailer tells you pretty much nothing but it’s James Cameron’s first non-documentary feature since Titanic in 1997. Remember that this is the guy who made Aliens and the first two Terminator film. This could be amazing.

Where The Wild Things Are
I’ve saved the best until last. Shot around Melbourne, based on a favourite picture book from my childhood, directed by Spike Jonze and featuring one of the best pop songs from the past few years. This looks incredible and is one of the few trailers that I’ve watched over and over again. December feels way too far away.