Film review – Bones and All (2022)

Bones and All

The lovers on the run subgenre in Hollywood cinema seems more often than not to be most popular during eras where audiences were trusted to appreciate morally dubious characters and the sexual charge of societal transgressions. From the film noir moral murkiness of classical Hollywood film such as Gun Crazy to the counterculture films of 1960s and 1970s New Hollywood (Bonnie and Clyde, The Getaway, Badlands) to the independent spirit of 1990s American cinema (My Own Private Idaho, Thelma & Louise, True Romance) it is a genre of vicarious thrills. In today’s era where corporate franchises dominate the multiplexes with content designed to keep as many people as moderately happy as possible, a film like Bones and All is therefore a thrilling anomaly due to its particular brand of lovers on the run narrative that fuses together romance and horror in startling yet successful ways.

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