85th Academy Awards nominees and predictions

Australians in contention for Oscars glory

I was on ABC News Breakfast this morning to discuss the 85th Academy Awards nominees and give a few predictions. You can view all the nominees on the Oscars website and watch me discussing them on the ABC website.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    Very good review. I’m a big fan of yours. Just can’t believe how unprepared the interviewers were. Gonna miss you presenting musicology but will still listen to your RRR movie preview on breakfasters.

  2. Thank you Jorge!

    I really enjoyed doing some non-film stuff for a change on Detour over the past couple of weeks. Plato’s Cave is returning next week, with a seven week live spot at 12pm on Mondays, and I’ll be back doing the reviews for the Breakfasters soon.


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