An interview with Tusi Tamasese, the writer/director of The Orator

Tusi Tamasese
The Orator writer/director Tusi Tamasese

The Orator is the first ever feature film made in Samoa, entirely in the Samoan language and telling a Samoan story. It is about a farmer who must defend his land, family and ancestry.

When I spoke with the film’s writer/director Tusi Tamasese he discussed the importance of making this film, its visual style and sound design, and some of the aspects of Samoan culture that are depicted in the film.

This interview was recorded on Thursday 10 November 2011 and then played on Film Buff’s Forecast (Triple R, 3RRR 102.7FM) on Saturday 12 November 2011.

Part 1

Download link (running time = 10:08)

Part 2

Download link (running time = 7:20)

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