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Support Senses

Please Support Senses.

The online cinema journal Senses of Cinema is an invaluable resource for anybody with a serious interest in film and film culture. Although based in Australia it is read and renowned worldwide. It is also free to access.

Senses of Cinema has until recently been traditionally funded by Screen Australia, but after their decision to defund the acclaimed and respected journal, its future is uncertain. This is something of concern to all of us who value being able to freely access high quality film analysis. On a personal note, I will always be honoured and grateful to Senses of Cinema for publishing early pieces of mine including my annotation on David Cronenberg’s Shivers and my contribution to their Great Directors database on David Lynch.

Fortunately, Senses of Cinema have been running a crowd-funding campaign over the past few months on Pozible to raise the $15,000 (AUD) they need to continue running. The way it works is people pledge various amounts and if the full amount is reached within the allocated time, those pledges get processed. If not enough pledges come through in time then they get nothing. So it’s all or nothing.

There are now two weeks remaining on the campaign and they still need over $3000 in pledges. With so much money and good will already invested it would be awful for them to fall short now. I strongly urge everybody reading this to make a pledge, no matter how small, to help Senses of Cinema stay viable. We need resources like this so we can continue having informed, analytical and passionate discussions about film online. My own approach to writing about film has been significantly shaped by reading and writing for Senses of Cinema.

If nothing else, there are also a variety of rewards on offer for pledging. I’ve scored a DVD box set of Jacques Demy films, which I’m rather excited about!

So please, head over to Pozible now, read some more information and Support Senses.

Thank you

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