Announcing Plato’s Cave, a Triple R film criticism podcast

Plato's Cave

I’m very excited to (somewhat belatedly) announce the launch of a new film criticism podcast that I am part of. It’s titled Plato’s Cave and new half hour episodes are currently being uploaded weekly, early Tuesday mornings (Melbourne, Australia time).

Plato’s Cave is an official podcast from Melbourne independent station Triple R (102.7FM) and my co-hosts are the very knowledgable and talented Tara Judah and Josh Nelson.

I’d love you to take a listen, or better yet subscribe, as we cover far more films than I am able to do so here at Cinema Autopsy.

You can view the contents of previous podcasts at, where you can also listen to individual episodes (left click the ‘direct download’ link to play online or right click to save the episode to your computer). But, the best method is to simply subscribe:

Subscribe via Triple R’s podcast RSS feed | Subscribe via iTunes

Plato’s Cave also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

I hope you enjoy what you hear!

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