Film review – Inside Job (2010)

Inside JobFilmmaker, writer and political scientist Charles H. Ferguson has made an extraordinarily comprehensive film about the causes and outcomes of the Global Financial Crisis. Inside Job explains the complex process in which a small number of very powerful corporations and individuals (who are named and shamed) ignored all the warnings and dismantled various financial regulations in the USA, during the Reagan Administration onwards, to create the predicted crisis.

This is a slick film that presents its findings and arguments in a way that non-economic experts can understand without the film compromising its depth and rigor. The results are shocking as it comes to light that the architects and the biggest advocates of the flawed, exploitive and unstable system that this film exposes were and still are its biggest profiteers. Ferguson also reveals the close links and influence these people have with the US government and leading business schools, in order to maintain the anti-regulation culture and prevent making the system equitable and secure again. Inside Job is essential and empowering viewing about institutionalised corporate greed, but – like Food Inc and Gasland – it will leave you feeling absolutely furious.

Originally appeared in The Big Issue, No. 374, 2011

© Thomas Caldwell, 2011

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  1. Oh absolutely! Great speech and tremendous film. Sometimes with documentaries it’s hard to divorce the content from the film itself but I do believe this is an excellent film in its own right, not just because the subject matter is so important.

    I got to speak about it recently on Film Buff’s Forecast and I think you can hear me getting worked up during the review! It’s online as a podcast and my review is at the 21 minute mark.

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