An interview with Nick Barkla from Blind Company

Nick Barkla as Josh Brewster in Blind Company

Nick Barkla as Josh Brewster in Blind Company

Alkinos Tsilimidos’s Blind Company is about Geoff Brewster (Colin Friels) a dying man who has agreed with his wife that he will spend the remainder of his life by himself in the family’s Tasmanian beach home. His serenity is intruded upon by the arrival of his troubled  and angry nephew Josh, who seems determined to make Geoff face his demons.

Josh is played by Australian actor Nick Barkla whom I spoke to on the phone on Saturday 24 April 2010. The following interview was then played on The Casting Couch the week following on Saturday 1 May 2010.

Part 1: Download link

Part 2: Download link

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