An interview with Sergio Leone biographer, Sir Christopher Frayling

Once Upon a Time in the West

Sir Christopher Frayling is a globally renowned writer and film historian. In 2001 he was knighted for “Services to Art and Design Education”. One area of cinema that Sir Frayling has dedicated a significant amount of time to is the Italian-made spaghetti westerns of the mid-1960s and in particular the films of Sergio Leone who made classics such as The Good, The Bad and They Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West. Sir Christopher has provided the commentary on many DVD releases of Leone’s films plus he wrote Sergio Leone: Something To Do With Death, a book that many regard as the definitive biography of Sergio Leone.

On Saturday 28 November 2009 I recorded the following interview with Sir Frayling, which was played on The Casting Couch later that day in conjunction with the re-release of Once Upon a Time in the West at The Astor Theatre.

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  1. Thomas, thank you for this terrific interview! Frayling makes a wonderful subject and of course, Leone is a wonderful director. If only he had lived to make more movies, he might even have been the best. But I guess we’ll never know.

  2. Much as I love Clint Eastwood,I think James Coburn would have been amazing in Sergio Leones famous trilogy,I don’t know who was to blame by the decision not to do them,also why has nobody written a book about Mr Coburn? What a fascinating guy

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