DVD review – Taxi to the Dark Side (2007), Region 4, Madman

4 November 2008

The title of this Academy Award winning documentary refers to the fate of an Afghan taxi driver who in 2002 died in the Bagman US detention centre as a result of the torture he endured. The death certificate stated that his death was homicide; the initial army report claimed he died of natural causes.

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DVD review – Show Me Love (1998), Region 4, Madman

27 December 2005

It is about time that Swedish director Lukas Moodysson’s (Together, Lilja 4-ever) 1998 feature début (originally titled Fucking Åmål) gets an Australian DVD release. With so much average independent American cinema claiming to explore the secret lives of modern teenagers, Show Me Love refreshingly avoids the usual pitfalls of being sensationalist (Larry Clarke’s films), highly contrived (Thirteen) or romanticising angst (Thumbsucker).

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DVD review – Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut (2001), Region 4, Madman

1 March 2005

The original Donnie Darko is a wonderfully atmospheric film that explores reality and insanity within a psuedo-science-fiction/teen-film framework. Writer/director Richard Kelly’s ambiguous debut film is a clever and moving story about troubled teenager Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) who may or may not be delusional and receiving commands from a prophetic giant bunny rabbit.

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