Film review – Lucky Number Slevin (aka The Wrong Man) (2006)

7 August 2006

Director Paul McGuigan’s best film to date is still the English gangster film Gangster No. 1 from 2000. However, the major problem with Gangster No. 1 is the same problem that plagues McGuigan’s latest effort Lucky Number Slevin. Both films suffer from a very weak final third act but while Gangster No. 1 was salvageable, the direction that Lucky Number Slevin takes completely ruins what initially promises to be a good film.

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Film review – Charlie’s Angels (2000)

15 December 2000

Plausibility is the greatest enemy of the action film. Action films either desperately try to create a sense of logic behind each action sequence (usually resulting in further generating ridiculously stupid story-lines) or simply ignore the need for a narrative and get on with delivering the expected visual action displays. Charlie’s Angels does something different. It exploits its inherent implausibility and lack of narrative coherence to full comic potential, leaving the viewer on one hell of a ride of exhilarating action and laugh-out-loud humour.

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