Film review – Tell No One (2006)

6 November 2007

Based on a 2001 novel by American mystery writer Harlan Coben, Tell No One is a terrific French thriller full of twists and intrigue that, for once, deserves to be compared to a classic Hitchcock film.

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Top Ten Films of 2006

1 January 2007

Contribution to the 2006 World Poll

My Top Ten this year reflects the limited number of films that I was able to see in 2006 as I am an English-only speaker and for the majority of the year I was living in a non-English speaking country. So due to different release dates not working in my favour and a lack of English subtitles I was prevented from seeing many films that would have probably made it onto my list. I am also ashamed to say that I saw no Australian films at all.

So my list of favourite films (in preferential order) that I happened to see for the first time in 2006 is as follows:

1. Conversations with Other Women (Hans Canosa, 2005)
A film that challenges conventional film style by being entirely in split screen, which becomes integral to the story. Beautiful performed and a genuinely painful film about regret and love lost.

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