Film review – Amazing Grace (2006)

7 August 2007

To coincide with England’s 200th year anniversary of the end of the slave trade, Amazing Grace is a stirring drama about abolitionist William Wilberforce. Devoted Christian, animal rights activist, and incredibly youthful Member of Parliament in his 20s, Wilberforce sacrificed a large portion of his life and his health to end the highly profitable trade of African slaves to English owned plantations.

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Film review – Marie Antoinette (2006)

19 December 2006

Marie Antoinette is a period film with an indi/teen film sensibility. Having already proven herself on The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation as a director with talent to burn, Sofia Coppola has possibly set herself her biggest challenge yet. Marie Antoinette tells the story of France’s controversial last queen not as a weighty historical drama about the French Revolution, but as the story of a teenage girl with strong modern sensibilities. Audiences expecting scenes of suffering peasants, enraged revolutionaries and climatic beheadings are going to be sorely disappointed.

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