The Casting Couch is now being podcast!

20 July 2009

Every Saturday I host the film review and discussion show The Casting Couch with Mark Pace on JOY 94.9.

The Casting Couch is now being podcast, which means that you can now catch the show at a later date if you aren’t able to listen to it live on Saturdays.

Podcast feed URL:

You can subscribe to the podcasts by either clicking the link at the bottom of The Casting Couch program page or by going direct to the podcast hosting page. MP3s of the shows can also be played from these pages.

The last 5 episodes are currently available plus we’ve uploaded some of our major interviews from the year. At the moment you can hear our interviews with:

The 10 Conditions of Love director Jeff Daniels
My Year Without Sex writer/director Sarah Watt
Mary and Max director Adam Elliot & producer Melanie Coombs

Our interview with Bastardy director Amiel Courtin-Wilson and subject Jack Charles is currently only available within the episode that went to air on 20 June 2009. Hopefully sometime over the next week or two we will also upload the interview that I did with Warwick Thornton and Kath Shelper (Samson and Delilah) in March.


PS There’s more information about what’s coming up on The Casting Couch and previous playlists on the On Air page.

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Film review – Bastardy (2008)

15 June 2009
Jack Charles

Jack Charles

The Indigenous Australian actor Jack Charles, the subject of the documentary Bastardy, is a remarkable man. He founded the first Aboriginal theatre company in the 1960s and has worked prolifically in Australian theatre and television plus having significant roles in the films The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (1978), Bedevil (1993) and Blackfellas (1993). He’s an articulate, intelligent and compassionate man who can also sing beautifully as well as act and is something of a part-time philosopher. He’s also homeless, a long-term heroin user and house burglar. Filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson followed Jack for seven years and the result is this extraordinary film.

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